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Paris Nights

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Paris Nights
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4. Bulgaria
5. United States
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Game provided by Booming Games
Delivering high-end, next level gaming to the slots market. Offering an established portfolio that encompasses uniquely themed games, innovative features and volatilities to satisfy every spectrum of the player market. We utilize the knowledge of seasoned experts, who apply their years of expertise in the industry to craft games to the highest of standards, harnessing proven formulas for success, combined with the latest developments in the gaming industry.
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Most helpful Newest
aca293 Level 21 Portugal Dec 07

73 spins to trigger the 10 free spins, then, 5 x the bet of prize! What a disappointment!

Reply Helpful (1)
TACAAA Level 7 New Zealand Aug 06

I'm not a great fan of this game, however I do play it now and then. For me it seems along time to get the free spins and by then I'm so close to game over. I dod find it frusrating at times because it doesnt matter how big or small I bet it seems like Iv played for some time and not get one lot of spins. Its a game that likes to be feed and wont spit anything out.

Reply Helpful
Pseudonimal Level 4 Spain Oct 01, 2019

pemios pobres y poco frcuentes , por no hablar de bonus, pfffff

Reply Helpful
deadribbits Level 6 Canada Sep 23, 2019

Same kinda deal as the royal one, annoying to listen to when you're lowrolling, exciting as hell when you start seeing 10 lines bringing in 10+ coins on a spin. Best to start with about a grand so you can roll through the doldrums and still have 10 bucks or more on the table when the good stuff starts happening.

Reply Helpful
penor Level 3 Norway Jun 08, 2019

thiis game is the best one to start of with imo, good to build capital

Reply Helpful
penor Level 3 Norway Jun 08, 2019

this game is so good but can really drain you at times, my favorite machine of all tho, had some big wins here

Reply Helpful
penor Level 3 Norway Jun 08, 2019

this game can pay out so much if its in the right mode, i won like 1k on it today, love it

Reply Helpful
chimera02 Level 7 Norway May 17, 2019

the bonus sits deep here in this one

Reply Helpful
Stormyybabe United States May 12, 2019

I haven't won on this one. It seems as if this one is not very easy to win in and probably takes quiet a bit of money to bet just to win something. 

Reply Helpful
chimera02 Level 7 Norway May 12, 2019

this machine used to be my favorite, but damn when it doesnt want to give itl drain you dry

Reply Helpful
chimera02 Level 7 Norway May 10, 2019

hit 4 bonuses in 5 minutes, this be giving

Reply Helpful
chimera02 Level 7 Norway May 10, 2019

love this slot, very nice bonus on it

Reply Helpful
grays69 Level 4 Australia Apr 21, 2019

Great game decent payouts bright colours all over red rovwr

Reply Helpful
chimera02 Level 7 Norway Apr 01, 2019

the music in this one was disturbing lol

Reply Helpful
martin0504 Level 3 Mar 02, 2019

Moje druhá nejlepší hra hned po clasico :))

Reply Helpful
nataboo Level 3 Ukraine Jan 03, 2019

When free spins start is ok, but I don’t lucky in this game 

Reply Helpful
martin0504 Level 3 Nov 26, 2018

Tady jm byl vždy vítěz snad se povede i nyní

Reply Helpful
martin0504 Level 3 Nov 25, 2018

Minimum 0.20 vklad a výhra až 100 na jednu otáčku spousta wild a sedmiček rozpoutá obrovské výhry :) jsem rád,ze zde jsou takové hry 

Reply Helpful
cturne21 Level 5 United States Oct 03, 2018

Not a thing paying today. This one just blew through 300 coins. It usually is a good payer.

Reply Helpful
cturne21 Level 5 United States Sep 30, 2018

I keep trying this one because I know it will pay. I am hoping it is not a one time thing.

Reply Helpful
cturne21 Level 5 United States Sep 29, 2018

I am going to try this game one more time. If it doesn't do any good I probably will not waste my time.

Reply Helpful
cturne21 Level 5 United States Sep 29, 2018

I really like this game. I just wish it was a little more consistent.

Reply Helpful
cturne21 Level 5 United States Sep 26, 2018

This one is to hard to win on. Some people said the bonus winnings could be huge. Might have to try with more coins to start with.

Reply Helpful
DieSle Level 4 Belgium Aug 02, 2018

nice paris if you know the spots ... like trocadero 

Reply Helpful
Willsaford Level 3 United States Jun 14, 2018

Paris new york vegas or england which one u think is da best????

Reply Helpful
Kingofri666 Level 1 United States May 27, 2018

Been to paris n hated it.....loved the catacombs tho....should of been used in the the graphics

Reply Helpful
Feefs4 Level 8 South Africa Apr 16, 2018

Paris lights lovely game, pretty cool feature, the free spins trigger pays 10x bet, it's amazing. The winning is infrequent but huge when it happens and the graphics are lovely to play with and look at.

Reply Helpful

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