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Most helpful Newest
inga Level 10 South Africa Apr 08

This is one of my favorite games unfortunately for the past day or so it has frozen during the loading process and will not change no matter what I do. But I will try again 

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Admin avatar
Admin Apr 09

Hello, inga,

We also checked the game and on our end, it works perfectly.

We kindly recommend clearing the cache and cookies history from your browser and refreshing the game page again.

All the best!

Reply Helpful (1)
Raghuraju India Oct 20, 2020

Great range of winnings must try slot . Fun and money 

Reply Helpful (4)
Wisdomchic79 Level 10 New Zealand Sep 30, 2020

great range and choices with bonus features signup options and loyalty points.  Easy to find search engine and bonus free games are in menu

Reply Helpful (4)
Spinnie Level 7 Australia May 16

played on $1 and after being down $40 I got a big $32 win, then many 30 cent and 20 cent wins later I was down nearly $120. Then got my first free spins totalling $5.50. 

it was looking pretty grim, until 

a few spins later hit another free spins. Then a lady entered the first reel and a joker on the 5th and the game went wild! the lady and the joker met in the middle and danced backwards and forwards with $50 wins here $40 wins there and $60 wins here and there.  

The wait was definately worth it.  Although i was really on autopilot at the time, normally i wouldnt have persisted with a game for so long with nothing at all going on. 

it was a really slow game to sit through, I couldn't do it often. with reels spinning forever before they stop.  and there was even a bonus feature (or more) im yet to experience which will h ave to wait for next time  I wasn't game to sit through 200 painfully slow spins before experiencing the next bonus. 

I'd definitely try this game for money, at least one time. making sure i start with a large bankroll.  The features are really cool, and when they take off they take off.  

Reply Helpful (3)
Romitll415 Level 11 United States Oct 31, 2020

I have no way to play these games. Does any one know about this 403 forbidden? I don't.

Reply Helpful (3)
Admin avatar
Admin Nov 03, 2020

Hello Romitll415, 

Unfortunately, Evoplay is restricting players residing in the USA from getting access to their games. 

The play for fun versions are not available anymore either.

All the best!

Reply Helpful (7)
icefire32 Level 4 Canada Jun 27

Get ready to loathe the sight of bonus symbols as they show up constantly - not enough to trigger the bonus - but perfectly placed to wreck your entire roll.

Reply Helpful (1)
Leishy2410 Level 3 Australia Apr 16

Great game. Lots of bonus choices. Enjoyed playing this game 

Reply Helpful (1)
Shota Level 4 Canada Nov 17

C est l’un de mes préféré, Vraiment ce jeux m’a impressionné 

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