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Geishas Fan

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Geishas Fan
Geishas Fan Top Winners - last 7 days
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3. United States
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5. New Zealand
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Game provided by Tom Horn Gaming
Tom Horn Gaming is an omni-channel software supplier with a rich portfolio of casino games. This includes an extensive collection of cross-platform video slots, available on mobile, desktop and terminal. Their content boasts a multitude of features and promotional tools, as well as a wide variety of themes. It also offers eye-catching graphics and engaging math models, which have been carefully developed to suit players in international markets. The company’s considerable experience in both the online and land-based environment, allows them to deliver highly-engaging and commercially successful content that players want to play.
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Most helpful Newest
Riverking Level 2 United States Sep 11, 2018

Great game. If u want to buy the geisha a new fan, stay away. 

Reply Helpful (4)
lisalisa223 Level 4 United States Jun 15, 2019

geez, i cannot win today to save my life.  give me some money honey

Reply Helpful (3)
jogatanas Level 2 Portugal Jul 27

With nine lines, it is not easy to get a prize. Get the free spins once with J as symbol!

Reply Helpful (2)
aca293 Level 21 Portugal Jul 13

Try this just now, only the left reel move and did not stoped!

Reply Helpful (2)
papabear Romania Jun 23

noice game really cool. win lose ratio ok

Reply Helpful (2)
Pseudonimal Level 4 Spain Jun 21, 2019

Me gusta este tipo de juegos muy recomendable V

Reply Helpful (2)
Feefs4 Level 8 South Africa May 21, 2018

these graphics are jusst so confusing Theres just too much going on here It would be nice to see what the feature looks like tom horn games are ususally great, but i dont know about this one

Reply Helpful (2)
Romitll415 Level 8 United States Dec 18

I have never gotten this slot to warm up. ive played szeveral times and no luck.

Reply Helpful (1)
TACAAA Level 7 New Zealand Aug 06

It can take time to warm up this game. How I do it is start low and slowly make my way up. When it pays out it does pay out good. I have also had it retrigger the free spins sometimes twice, sometimes I'v even had it three times. I use to hate playing it but once I started to know it I liked it.  It is a game where paients comes into it.

Reply Helpful
lisalisa223 Level 4 United States Jun 01, 2019

this pos game just took all my money damn

Reply Helpful (1)
lisalisa223 Level 4 United States May 31, 2019

i accidently hit the wrong button and it took ll my money

Reply Helpful (1)
lisalisa223 Level 4 United States Apr 14, 2019

Let me tell you something, this game or this software for several of these, tends to just shut off in the middle of a game which is weird to me.  BUT when this game pays, it PAYS!  No kidding, I won a LOT on here but of course I gave it away elsewhere. Actually, I like all these games right in this area.  Is it Tom Hom software?  Well, they are fun to play except when they say sorry, cant touch this and poof...we're done!  I give this game 4 stars!

Reply Helpful (1)
Nana31 Level 2 Poland Apr 06, 2019

Great game

.  try jour luck.

Reply Helpful (1)
Feefs4 Level 8 South Africa Apr 01, 2019

This remains one of my favorite game here

Reply Helpful (1)
gurti1 Level 6 South Africa Nov 09

It gives a little then it takes more this is its cycle wothoutgiving you free spins. 

Reply Helpful
dave1888 Level 7 United Kingdom Sep 13

Love this slot it's an excellent reskin of book of ra. Spins smoothly and paid 15000 on 90credit bet. Shame I can't cash this out. Anywhere I can play this for real money? Awesome!

Reply Helpful
Moske93 Level 1 Bosnia and Herzegovina Feb 15, 2019

Good game love music... Free spins amazing win

Reply Helpful
nataboo Level 3 Ukraine Feb 01, 2019

Never lucky in this game)) dont understand)

Reply Helpful
Ollie555 Level 5 Australia Mar 11, 2019

same, keep trying but nothing

Reply Helpful
Irischyn Level 2 Malaysia Oct 15, 2018

This my favourite game.. I like this game very much 

Reply Helpful
Feefs4 Level 8 South Africa Aug 13, 2018

came back here for big wins but not even a lill

Reply Helpful
Jpease19 Level 3 United States Jun 30, 2018

Played it and it stunk.  I didntwin and didn't get a bonus. So sad.  It looked like it was gonna be good

Reply Helpful
Emmylue22 Level 5 United States Jun 28, 2018

Pretty colors. Thats about it. Bored.

Reply Helpful
muiza2557 Level 3 Thailand Jun 27, 2018

what loss never win please can i win one time

Reply Helpful
Feefs4 Level 8 South Africa Jun 10, 2018

IN my previous comments, I had bad reviews. But after playing this and dedicating some time I have come to see the potential it hAs to win! Dependent on the feature of course. but Isolde really recommend giving this game the benefit of the doubt. The bonus feature has expanding wilds with high profit margin! ,most of all it's super fun.

Reply Helpful
Feefs4 Level 8 South Africa May 24, 2018

the worst kind of losing is happening here

Reply Helpful

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