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Emperors Tomb

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Emperors Tomb
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Most helpful Newest
Rick Australia Jun 11

where is the servey question?

Reply Helpful (1)
Riverking Level 2 United States Sep 24, 2018

This game did ok but when it starts losing STOP!!!!

Reply Helpful (1)
Mumaii Australia Apr 04

Good to play this game                       

Reply Helpful
grays69 Level 4 Australia Feb 15, 2019

At first I found this game quite interesting although soon enough it turned out to be a little boring

Reply Helpful
nataboo Level 3 Ukraine Dec 01, 2018

difficult to win                                                                  

Reply Helpful
cturne21 Level 5 United States Nov 08, 2018

Not good that time. Doesn't seem to do much and acts like you should get excited for 30 cents.

Reply Helpful
cturne21 Level 5 United States Nov 08, 2018

I haven't tried this game yet. I hope it plays better than everything else lately.

Reply Helpful
boo_boo Level 3 Ukraine Sep 06, 2018

The game is very nice) I reccomend for all.

Reply Helpful
Letsblaze Level 5 Aug 13, 2018

Nobody having a win on this one... Let me try. I seem to do all right every machine I pick lately. I haven't played this one so here I go:)wish me luck:))

Reply Helpful
Jpease19 Level 3 United States Jun 25, 2018

Started off crappy but then started to pay pretty good. Then took it all back lol.  

Reply Helpful
Emmylue22 Level 5 United States May 31, 2018

Looks like every other slot on here. Well. High hopes i guess

Reply Helpful
LTHOMAS Level 6 United States Apr 08, 2018

Difficult game to win at. Doesn't give much room to really play

Reply Helpful
Feefs4 Level 8 South Africa Apr 07, 2018

JUST lost all my money waiting for something to happen

Reply Helpful
Ollie555 Level 5 Australia Mar 12, 2019

Hahha im about to do the same no doubt!

Reply Helpful
silverquick Level 14 South Africa Mar 17, 2018

Going to try this game and some of the others.Thanks.

Reply Helpful
Ineednewsmile Level 8 Estonia Mar 06, 2018

wish me good luck. first time playing this game.

Reply Helpful
Feefs4 Level 8 South Africa Apr 12, 2018

This game honestly sucks. Hope you had better luck

Reply Helpful

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