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Devils Heat

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Devils Heat
Devils Heat Top Winners - last 7 days
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3. United States
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5. Spain
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Game provided by Booming Games
Delivering high-end, next level gaming to the slots market. Offering an established portfolio that encompasses uniquely themed games, innovative features and volatilities to satisfy every spectrum of the player market. We utilize the knowledge of seasoned experts, who apply their years of expertise in the industry to craft games to the highest of standards, harnessing proven formulas for success, combined with the latest developments in the gaming industry.
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Most helpful Newest
aca293 Level 21 Portugal Feb 03

More than 50 spins and no free spins! Lost coins!!

Reply Helpful (1)
aca293 Level 21 Portugal Jan 17

What a heist!!! 15 spins, best i got was the bet one single time!!!

Reply Helpful (1)
deadribbits Level 6 Canada Jun 08

Sometimes this one works out quite well, but not today.

Reply Helpful
Feefs4 Level 8 South Africa May 08

Wooow this game is sooo bad, zero wins here

Reply Helpful
aca293 Level 21 Portugal Jan 16

Today, this is a another slot that do not pay nothing! 25 spins and only lose chips!

Reply Helpful
aca293 Level 21 Portugal Jan 02

Another new year bad performance! 50 spins, no free spins, no Feature, nothing!

Reply Helpful
aca293 Level 21 Portugal Dec 20

A good set, today! At the 7th spin, triggered the free spins! Won 35xbet!

Reply Helpful
aca293 Level 21 Portugal Dec 19

A set of 25 spins and nothing! Lets try another game!

Reply Helpful
Romitll415 Level 8 United States Dec 18

I have hit really well here before. But only once. Lost my wad every time since.

Reply Helpful
aca293 Level 21 Portugal Dec 07

What a waste of time and BFC coins! 25 spins and nothing!

Reply Helpful
aca293 Level 21 Portugal Dec 02

Playing at 50 per spin, after 31 spins get 10 free spins!, In these 10 free spins, get a prize of . . . 160 coins! What a joke!!

Reply Helpful
aca293 Level 21 Portugal Dec 01

One "Lusty Win" and a prize of 5x the bet amount once, all i got in 25 spins!

Reply Helpful
Bluespirit24 Level 14 Spain Nov 14, 2019

The devil's game only has very few pay lines, and pays a bit low too, as I've spent over 3000 BFC and not much of response to maintain myself, so I just don't know how prizes can be won to continue playing 

Reply Helpful
Romitll415 Level 8 United States Oct 06, 2019

Always one of my favorite games. good payouts and fun times.

Reply Helpful
deadribbits Level 6 Canada Sep 23, 2019

Occasionally get a good hit on this  one, if only my bet was high at thetime, hahaha.

Reply Helpful
biTe_m3 Level 5 Australia Jul 09, 2019

Interesting feature... Player Return rate not bad either...

Reply Helpful
Ollie555 Level 5 Australia Jul 02, 2019

Only played a few autospin games but seem to win back what I bet. Could be good, will try again for sure 

Reply Helpful
Koryjf Level 1 Canada May 22, 2019

Didn't like the game much no big wins like I was expecting

Reply Helpful
Evelyn559 Level 2 United States May 12, 2019

I really enjoyed this game I give B+ just need more funds to to make it a A

Reply Helpful
chimera02 Level 7 Norway May 09, 2019

fun slot i got the bonus almsot immedialtely after playing, i can imagine this has nice payouts

Reply Helpful
Feefs4 Level 8 South Africa Apr 13, 2019

I dont see how you get big wins here hey

Reply Helpful
Tekinit Level 1 New Zealand Apr 03, 2019

Meh didnt like this toooo much really... bit average

Reply Helpful
wormy1979 Level 1 Australia Mar 27, 2019

Love it, good luck everyone 

Reply Helpful
OnlyGodsGift Level 6 Australia Mar 25, 2019

Always have fun it fill in a few hours with a smile on my face cant ask for more than that ( . )( .)

Reply Helpful
wormy1979 Level 1 Australia Mar 21, 2019

This is one of my favorites. Its happy and pays big

Reply Helpful
Kirsty Mar 04, 2019

love this game! Good luck everyone

Reply Helpful
lsimpkinson Level 4 United States Feb 17, 2019

I stopped to play this game because of the picture.  Lol.  That's what some of us women wish we looked like.  Back to the game,  boring.  Sorry,  there wasn't anything worth me spending my money on.  

Reply Helpful
Moske93 Level 1 Bosnia and Herzegovina Feb 15, 2019

Good game, good graphic, sound is good , I earninthis game, no much winning chips on free spins but i catch five scarters two time, nice game and i recomend other players to play this . maybe i get lucky in this game, but you can try it. Good luck to everyone .

Reply Helpful
Dannilove Level 3 Dec 10, 2018

Sometimes these games are portrayed as being so provocative. But most of them are family friendly. All in all a good slot

Reply Helpful
aca293 Level 21 Portugal Oct 31, 2018

Very nice!! Not to play again! Won 10 free spins and . .  do not pay a cent!!

Reply Helpful
nataboo Level 3 Ukraine Oct 12, 2018

Nice game and good graphics) I like.

Reply Helpful
Kingbrown Level 3 Australia Oct 03, 2018

​​​​​it would be cool if we could get paid out for real cash 


Reply Helpful
cturne21 Level 5 United States Sep 25, 2018

I liked this game. Started with 20 cents and still played for ten minutes. And it has good graphics. I never hit a bonus though.

Reply Helpful
cturne21 Level 5 United States Nov 05, 2018

I liked this game les as I have tried it. There are similar games here that allow you to win more.

Reply Helpful
cturne21 Level 5 United States Sep 11, 2018

I did not really like this game. The graphics were pretty simple and it really didn't pay anything.

Reply Helpful
Riverking Level 2 United States Sep 11, 2018

Played again and once again went on a streak plenty of freespin s had to refresh game often didn't see this slot listed in any USA Casinos, will most definitely play again, my advice is to adjust the bet up and down , this little experiment paid off.  3-d graphics would make this slot even more desirable.

Reply Helpful
Riverking Level 2 United States Sep 03, 2018

Was enjoying this game and then it stopped it was paying off well


Reply Helpful
loevens Level 7 Denmark Aug 12, 2018

Nice game but a little bummed that my gamesession ended just as I won 10 free spins. I feel kinda cheated hehe

Reply Helpful
cturne21 Level 5 United States Aug 08, 2018

Liked the graphics alright but it did not really pay anything. But I didn't get to play very long.  Will try again.

Reply Helpful
COURTNEY Aug 07, 2018

So I was playing Devilvs Heat and I was kn a winning streak..then all of a sudden it shut me out

Reply Helpful
grays69 Level 4 Australia Jul 31, 2018

I didn't like this game seems like it didn't have a feature at all but I didn't play it for longer than 5 minutes 

Reply Helpful
aca293 Level 21 Portugal Jul 25, 2018


Was i in the middle of 10 free spins when the game disappear and get the message:

"Game session ended!..." Nice! Going to play more!

Reply Helpful
aca293 Level 21 Portugal Jul 25, 2018

To complete the last comment, launch the game again and  . . .  ended the free spins. At least that!

Reply Helpful
Mia Jul 07, 2018

I did not like this one at all. But I still love this site!

Reply Helpful
Jreed15 Level 3 United States Jun 21, 2018

This one was OK. Not good. Not bad.  Did not have many coins when i played it. Will go back and try again

Reply Helpful
Jpease19 Level 3 United States Jun 21, 2018

Wasnt digging it at all.  Sorry.  Wasn't attention grabbing for me.  I left after a few minutes.  Won't be going back to this one..  

Reply Helpful
Shawnny1 Level 3 Canada Jun 19, 2018

This was a great game I want on it I have lots of fun very enjoyable very erotic gorgeous women on here free spins free bonus like the devil Devil and his girl if you're a fan of the other side this is the game to be playing very erotic very demonic sexy hot game enjoy other one

Reply Helpful
Willsaford Level 3 United States Jun 18, 2018


Reply Helpful
Ramy Level 6 Estados Unidos May 22, 2018

S los recomiendo .ajayja .le acabo de pegar a una máquina y me dió 6000moneditas aver como las canjeo le estoy pensando cómo las inierto está súper chévere waches cochos

Reply Helpful
Ramy Level 6 Estados Unidos May 22, 2018

Está bien fregón .yo lo estoy jugando y está perrón.ahorita ando recolectando monedas para seguir jugando

Reply Helpful
pasikonik222 Level 3 Norway May 19, 2018

one of my favoritte game

Reply Helpful
Kml14418 Level 2 United States Apr 26, 2018

Like this one better than the other!

Reply Helpful
Feefs4 Level 8 South Africa Apr 17, 2018

LOL boring game but i enjoy lusty wins x

Reply Helpful
DeenBee888 Apr 05, 2018

I love this game this game is very very beautiful this game is Clone Bonus Clone Bonus

Reply Helpful
silverquick Level 14 South Africa Mar 15, 2018

At first this game paid well but then it just started taking coins and not really giving much back. Might try again at a later stage.

Reply Helpful
Feefs4 Level 8 South Africa Apr 17, 2018

Still waiting to be paid well on this one....

Reply Helpful
LTHOMAS Level 6 United States Mar 03, 2018

I did not care too much for this game.

Not a whole lot going on with bonuses and the winnings leave a lot to be desired. I feel like I'm spinning my wheels with what I bet and what I get back in wins.

The graphics are great and the concept in interesting but the game itself isn't one I would strive to play again unless I didn't have the choice.

Was kind of a bummer too because who doesn't like looking at beautiful women while playing?

Kind of bummed this wasn't as good of a game as others.

Reply Helpful

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