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Candy Dreams

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Candy Dreams
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Noelanifae Level 3 United States Oct 22, 2019

Barely won at all...!wouldnt recommend 

Reply Helpful (2)
deadribbits Level 7 Canada Oct 02, 2019

It's zan alright game if you can get it to work, usually i can't get more than one or two drops before it quits

Reply Helpful (2)
bassman Level 3 Croatia Sep 29, 2019

Eror while loading game  always kick me out 

Reply Helpful (2)
BaylaAnderson Level 7 United States Jul 02

It keeps crashing and then refusing to load again. :'(

Reply Helpful (1)
Romitll415 Level 11 United States Dec 21, 2019

What a great slot with bright colors. The added candy crushing features are addictive/.

Reply Helpful (1)
Lililotka Level 12 Bulgaria Apr 04, 2020

This game might be a good game but not for winning, i noticed that it seems like they are all taking coins now so I might just need to come back and try again for example tomorrow, this night i lose everything. 

But you are wright, it is funny to play that game, another time :) 

Reply Helpful
Sengsoeun Level 8 United States Mar 30, 2018

I think it's wiser not to repeat the same 'betting' with slots game; because I also think the game 'Program' is 'Programed' with 'Self-learn'; Mean it's gonna mesmerize your 'Move' know how you 'bet'; next session or new session the program know your 'Gameplay'; example: every begining of game you always bet 'hight' and keep betting hight because you're risking most likely two or three more spin you'll win at lease win evenly; 'win or lose' but next/new session  the programed game gonna 'Hustle' you it know your 'Gameplay'.....I think....woah my 'sarrow' I feel toward the 'Hightroller' lol 

Reply Helpful (1)
Sengsoeun Level 8 United States Mar 30, 2018

Also I think aslong it 'progressive' (meaning 'progressive' to me ' mean continue where you left off in game) your progress be save; and there's always a 'big win' so if you got money and like to bet 'hight' wisely, the go for; and jackpot is there; I think is wise to deposit and gamble on one game; every deposit in casino should be deposited to gamble in your progressive slots until you get the jackpot; cause you only start over when playing new game then it'll take long and more's my 'Hustlemental'? Does my mental hustlement mentally know how to win?

Reply Helpful (1)
Sengsoeun Level 8 United States Mar 30, 2018

Just realized 'Time' matter after gambling this candy game; realized the game will gonna hustle me; let it hustle my 'small cent' bet; bet low wisely because jackpot reel to waaaay back there; bet for serival amount to win time  to make it there....this game fun

Reply Helpful
Sengsoeun Level 8 United States Mar 30, 2018

That's my gambit 'tips' for y'all! Hustle the game; or get Hustled by the game...don't hustle like my hustlemental tho; because I been losing lol! Exposing these post is like exposing my 'Gameplan' now I gotta mentally beat my 'own gameplan routine' to know the slot  program 'routine'; because if it's gonna memerize my bet 'routine' 'Gameplay' it'll 'Self-learn to know which session to shuffle me to; now I this counter Bett/attack routine; I'll out smart it with a counter attack; ....watchout for my 'Fatalities Bet'' counter attack! Some say it's foolish to gamble like that 'because'!  ....don't be fooled tho 'there reason why I called it my 'Fatalities Bet'; Deadly Line'; couple casino online are fatal by my 'Betting' Line'!  Then I realized it's not wise to bet with same 'betting' 'routine'... it's some fatal betting; because these line can win the 'Amount' of 'jackpot' amount without hitting the 'jackpot' reels lol......y'all take notes..

Reply Helpful
JOKKER220 Level 4 Germany Mar 03, 2018

Unusual and funny game , can be good for bonus hold on the same niveau, If you won enough before ;)

Reply Helpful (1)
PurfectHaley Jun 02

I REALLY enjoyed this slot machine, although the pay outs are spaced pretty far apart. Try betting lower than you normally would so you can make it to the next bonus round.

Reply Helpful
deadribbits Level 7 Canada Apr 18

It's possible to score some massive wins in this game by getting the "Wild Groups" prize on the level completion bonus wheel.

Reply Helpful
deadribbits Level 7 Canada Jun 08, 2020

Sure would be nice if this company's games actally ran moore than a bet or two before kicking you off tyhe server.

Reply Helpful
papi1333 Level 2 Bulgaria Oct 23

nice well done mate fingers crossed !!!!

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