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Booming Gold

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Booming Gold
Booming Gold Top Winners - last 7 days
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Game provided by Booming Games
Delivering high-end, next level gaming to the slots market. Offering an established portfolio that encompasses uniquely themed games, innovative features and volatilities to satisfy every spectrum of the player market. We utilize the knowledge of seasoned experts, who apply their years of expertise in the industry to craft games to the highest of standards, harnessing proven formulas for success, combined with the latest developments in the gaming industry.
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Most helpful Newest
Romitll415 Level 8 United States Jan 03

Not much winning for  me. I never seem to get a bonus or anything.

Reply Helpful (3)
JMP Level 1 New Zealand Nov 07

This is one of my favourite games, Get loads of free spins thag re trigger. Its a must to play. 

Reply Helpful
Shep Level 2 United States Oct 02

Still don’t understand this game, but I think I like women with gold teeth now. Plus I got a big win so

Reply Helpful
TACAAA Level 7 New Zealand Aug 06

I liked this game from the first time I started playing it. It is one of my top three slot games. I enjoy it every time.. I win some and I lose some. I never get sick of playing it. I get bummed out when Igo to plY IT AND i GET ERROR.  Top slot game.

Reply Helpful
beerkey Level 2 United States Mar 24

I finally won some coin with this slot. 

Reply Helpful
Tekinit Level 1 New Zealand Mar 14

i never seem to win on any of these games.. and if i do get free spins it sucks

Reply Helpful
Feefs4 Level 8 South Africa Apr 29

This is one tough slot. All my moola gone

Reply Helpful
aca293 Level 21 Portugal Dec 03

I would like to know what pays in this slot!! 5 cars pays three quarters of the bet; 5 rings pay the bet. Never get a prize bigger than the bet!

Reply Helpful
deadribbits Level 6 Canada Sep 23, 2019

Looks like there's some hefty weins to be had on this one.

Reply Helpful
Billyfo666 Level 3 United States Aug 06, 2019

Once u level up u dont win anjymore...i miss life too

Reply Helpful
Billyfo666 Level 3 United States Jul 15, 2019

Not a big fan of this game.....others payout better....but its pretty easy to break even on this one

Reply Helpful
Willymane Level 1 United States Jul 12, 2019

This game is kinda stupid the way it gives loses n wins.....n hardly ever free spins....this is a break even game

Reply Helpful
Ollie555 Level 5 Australia Jun 20, 2019

Only game that seems to give out free spins anymore but still the bets aren’t worth the payout. Anyone else find that after being a member for awhile that you don’t win in anything?

Reply Helpful
Szybka09 Level 1 Poland May 05, 2019

So fun. Good game and good bonus on The game

Reply Helpful
lisalisa223 Level 4 United States Apr 14, 2019

This game was b o r i n g.  I cannot win anything on this game. Will try again some other time.

Reply Helpful
Abcde6 Spain Mar 17, 2019

Hola buenas el juego está bien pero muy difícil para conseguir dinero

Reply Helpful
Tntchriscook Level 4 United States Mar 10, 2019

Ready for the big money what what lot go win

Reply Helpful
Feefs4 Level 8 South Africa Feb 24, 2019

Glad to see my name on the winners list, unfortunately my balance doesnt reflect that lol

Reply Helpful
Yonlada7 Level 3 Thailand Feb 15, 2019

 like it .

Reply Helpful
Moske93 Level 1 Bosnia and Herzegovina Feb 15, 2019

Play this game win a free spin only 22 win on 10  free spin... Dont know what to say...try this game maybe you are luckiest then me...

Reply Helpful
S1na87 Level 4 Australia Dec 15, 2018

Good game, good paying, visually Enticing. All round I rate this game.

Reply Helpful
Feefs4 Level 8 South Africa Apr 28

I only like it when I get those epic wins

Reply Helpful
martin0504 Level 3 Nov 25, 2018

Mam rád hry tohoto tipu wins paris ´ wins royal,big apple vysoka vyhra za malý vklad cze

Reply Helpful
cturne21 Level 5 United States Nov 03, 2018

I had to give it another shot. You just can't tell what this one is going to do. But the bonus is good.

Reply Helpful
Feefs4 Level 8 South Africa Apr 28

Yeah the bonus is pretty rare but worth it sometimes

Reply Helpful
Kingbrown Level 3 Australia Oct 03, 2018

Good game don't really pay much. I was doing max bet got feature paid alright.✌

Reply Helpful
cturne21 Level 5 United States Sep 25, 2018

This game could be good. I might try again if I had a little to wager with.

Reply Helpful
cturne21 Level 5 United States Aug 08, 2018

I really liked this game. It is one of my favorites so far.  You can play 10 cents or keep going up.

Reply Helpful
Saskia2502 Level 8 Netherlands Jul 28, 2018

Nice game again i love almost all the games on this platform  but Hey i like a lot of games in a lot of casinos

Reply Helpful
Feefs4 Level 8 South Africa Jul 26, 2018

The women with the epic wins pay so well here!

Reply Helpful
Dinkerbinks Level 1 United States Jul 24, 2018

Spun over 30 times just to win a $1, too long in between winnings. Lost too much.

Reply Helpful
Dinkerbinks Level 1 United States Jul 24, 2018

Really? Played this 3 times haven't gotten any free spins!

Reply Helpful
Feefs4 Level 8 South Africa Jun 25, 2018

You win some you lose some. Im the latter

Reply Helpful
Spaltaelite Level 2 Germany Jun 22, 2018

ja die spins sind gut

und bringen aufjedenfall optimismus und

freude beim zocken

Reply Helpful
Shawnny1 Level 3 Canada Jun 20, 2018

What can I say about this game this is an amazing game lots of fun bonuses are great lots of winds love the gold that pours liquid into those slots this is truly one of the most awesome games on here if you're a fan of gold this is the one that you should be playing I love it my girl went spins on free spins and 100 coins on free spins bonuses are great she and I have a great time on it I will be back on this one 2 review hope you all enjoy it as we do thank you great big free chip yes it said great the site of the most amazing sight play free slots and win thank you

Reply Helpful
travis2709 Level 1 Australia Jun 17, 2018

good game, havent won too much but fun anyway

Reply Helpful
afmb85 Level 7 Malaysia Jun 07, 2018

sometime hard to get big win for try this game.. very slow and hard to try it

Reply Helpful
afmb85 Level 7 Malaysia Jun 07, 2018

hard to get free spin but if get give big or epic win..  grrrrrrr

Reply Helpful
Kingofri666 Level 1 United States May 27, 2018

Lmao @ da gold grill.....pays well....funny graphics

Reply Helpful
Feefs4 Level 8 South Africa May 17, 2018

after millions on attempts at this game and the feature, i have finally triggered. I retract my previous statements

Reply Helpful
Feefs4 Level 8 South Africa Apr 16, 2018

What a weak game and waste if my money..

Reply Helpful
Crystal3 Level 2 Australia Apr 13, 2018

I love playing these slots on my tablet, but I am getting nosound, when I play on my iPhone 5s I have sound, can anybody help me sort this out ?

Reply Helpful
Feefs4 Level 8 South Africa Apr 16, 2018

Perhaps your phone is on silent? Put ur  ringer on

Reply Helpful (1)
Feefs4 Level 8 South Africa Apr 16, 2018

I hope you fingure it out. Good luck and have fun

Reply Helpful
DeenBee Level 1 Mar 30, 2018

Ganz ganz okay das Spiel machte viel Spaß

Reply Helpful
bigjoe8699 Level 7 South Africa Mar 20, 2018

so much fun and love the free spins too.

Reply Helpful
Feefs4 Level 8 South Africa Apr 16, 2018

I am yet to trigger free spins!! Hope it is worth the wait

Reply Helpful
Sparklez420 Level 4 United States Mar 17, 2018

why does it sound so dirty my gosh

Reply Helpful
Kingofri666 Level 1 United States May 27, 2018

Like oh my if......whatever..

Reply Helpful

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