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Booming Bars

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Booming Bars
Booming Bars Top Winners - last 7 days
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Game provided by Booming Games
Delivering high-end, next level gaming to the slots market. Offering an established portfolio that encompasses uniquely themed games, innovative features and volatilities to satisfy every spectrum of the player market. We utilize the knowledge of seasoned experts, who apply their years of expertise in the industry to craft games to the highest of standards, harnessing proven formulas for success, combined with the latest developments in the gaming industry.
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United States 3.3 Very Good (31)
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Most helpful Newest
Romitll415 Level 8 United States Dec 14

200 and no free spins. That's awful. I wish it would payout more.

Reply Helpful (1)
Romitll415 Level 8 United States Dec 14

I never got too far with this one... But it is addictive.

Reply Helpful (1)
LypzzMacR Level 3 United States Sep 18, 2019

I like the concept of the game but no free spins and hardly any Booming Bs not 7s. Get boring pretty quicklike

Reply Helpful (1)
LordInfamous Level 3 United States Aug 15, 2019

I dont like free on level 0 is it really that tight on everyone

Reply Helpful (1)
Billyfo666 Level 3 United States Jul 15, 2019

My favorite game without a doubt....fair...wish i see this at a casino one day

Reply Helpful (1)
TheKillaman Level 4 United States Aug 23

Game just doesnt load up for me no more...idk what happened

Reply Helpful
Fordtha4th Level 1 United States Nov 12, 2019

different but a really cool game....must play

Reply Helpful
Superkool666 Level 1 United States Nov 09, 2019


Reply Helpful
Wateriswet Level 4 Canada Sep 13, 2019

Meh not my favoritegame oh wellg

Reply Helpful
Jojit1274 Level 1 Philippines Jun 30, 2019

this one is really a good game not like those others 3 liner type of slot games

Reply Helpful
Tntchriscook Level 4 United States Mar 12, 2019

No jackpot lost to all this shit in this game is the best 

Reply Helpful
Dannilove Level 3 Dec 11, 2018

This machine like so many others give you gives you this false sense of security it's a big pair but it will take every penny it gives. It will watch you gradually raise your bed and once your bet is high enough and the stakes are right you will lose it all. And it's awesome

Reply Helpful
Clover1984 Level 3 Canada Oct 23, 2018

This is my favorite game so far enjoy it very much I'm gonna recommend it to every one to play thank you 

Reply Helpful
cturne21 Level 5 United States Oct 19, 2018

I still could not do any good with game. It just always wipes out my money.

Reply Helpful
Irischyn Level 2 Malaysia Oct 15, 2018

Hope will get good experience with this game

Reply Helpful
cturne21 Level 5 United States Oct 03, 2018

I do not like this game. It is to hard to hit on anything that will pay.

Reply Helpful
cturne21 Level 5 United States Sep 26, 2018

I didn't get much good with this game. Will try when I have more coins.

Reply Helpful
Riverking Level 2 United States Sep 11, 2018

Ugggh! Lose after lose, started off With 10 free spins and it paid off a whole $0. 40 don't think I'll play this game again

Reply Helpful
Augsmar Level 5 United States Aug 30, 2018

i liked playing this game. The payouts can be either very large or kind of small. Unfortunately once the large payouts stop, you can go through a lot of money quickly.

Reply Helpful
Dinkerbinks Level 1 United States Aug 10, 2018

Not sure about this game.wasnt gaining any coins. Then the games froze wasnt my internet, i check my other pages. Ive had these games just stop on me and didappear.

Reply Helpful
Szybka Poland May 05, 2019

Cool game  I like this game

Reply Helpful
Dinkerbinks Level 1 United States Aug 10, 2018

Started put great, y the white only gets 50 cent to $2? No matter how much you bet.

Reply Helpful
boo_boo Level 3 Ukraine Aug 02, 2018

cool game)m reccomend                                                                                                                                                                                        

Reply Helpful
Shawnny1 Level 3 Canada Jul 27, 2018

  This game is one-of-a-kind hit-and-miss sometimes you win sometimes you lose can't complain though like the graphics like the sound like the seven is in like the bars this is a game to play if you like to win big money enjoy playing it though hope you all like it have fun enjoy but I and you will succeed in this game cheers

Reply Helpful
CutieLoc Level 1 United States Aug 15, 2018

I hope these comments are right 

Reply Helpful
Shawnny1 Level 3 Canada Jul 26, 2018

I love this game had a great experience with it one of my favorite games on the website I recommend this game for anybody who enjoys 777 triple sevens of the way to go Penguins big money great opportunity have fun I recommend this thanks for the great big chip list we all get opportunities have fun and win thank you

Reply Helpful
Jpease19 Level 3 United States Jun 23, 2018

Well this game was extremely boring.. Almost fell asleep. But I stayed for a little because it had a consistent payout..  Not my favorite that's for sure 

Reply Helpful
Shawnny1 Level 3 Canada Jun 20, 2018

I love this game this game is more than enough I can't get enough of it great spins great wages great site very happy with what I'm doing playing the same game if anybody else is having issues and bad reviews about it I'm sorry to hear that I hope it gets better for you all I think it's a great game I think the big free chip is even better this is the best site that I've been on my girlfriend agrees I hope to add more I hope it continues on and I hope to say lives on thank you

Reply Helpful
Shawnny1 Level 3 Canada Jun 19, 2018

This vame is a good money maker love it had lots of fun playing on it even if i loose its all about the fun you have playing each game and not knowing if u win or loose its great to just to no its a 50 50 chance

Reply Helpful
Willsaford Level 3 United States Jun 18, 2018

This game definitely  isnt as cool as it was lol.....anyone else thinkin that???

Reply Helpful
Shawnny1 Level 3 Canada Jun 18, 2018

This was a ok game thought if you better what you get what you get really can't complain though when it's free what do you think do you agree my girlfriend agrees

Reply Helpful
Provford Level 1 United States Jun 14, 2018

I see some good lets get some coins!!!

Reply Helpful
Willsaford Level 3 United States Jun 14, 2018

The most fair game there is.....wont take all your coins in a row....wont let u win that big...

Reply Helpful
Neuer2018 Level 1 Germany Jun 09, 2018

Echt sinnlos das Spiel wirklich 

Reply Helpful
Mulletman Level 1 United States Jun 04, 2018

Doesn't boom anything with me.....will put me at zero fast smh

Reply Helpful
laygbet Level 8 May 25, 2018

En este juego ha sido en el que mas he ganado, exelentes combinaciones

Reply Helpful
Feefs4 Level 8 South Africa Apr 12, 2018

This reminds me of another game on here thats similar

Reply Helpful
DeenBee Level 1 Mar 30, 2018

Das Spiel ist schon ganz okey kann man spielen

Reply Helpful
adri Mar 12, 2018

i really enjoyed this game, there were many different lines that payed out well.i would have found the concept of free spins to be a great addition to the play but overall i cant complain. as i am an very hands on player i have noticed also that these games i cant have an input into stopping the spin after the first reel has fallen-or as i would say cut off the lines 

Reply Helpful
Billyfo666 Level 3 United States Jul 15, 2019

Its different having no free spins aint it

Reply Helpful

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