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The Green Wizard

The Green Wizard
Min level:
Description Cast your spells to hit the jackpot!

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    • penor Level 4 Norway Jun 08, 2019

      nice color for the summertime, i might save for it^^

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    • Georgette76 Level 7 United States Jul 27, 2017

      is this the infamous good luck wizard?

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    • trinh316 Level 7 Canada May 04, 2017

      thanks for the this one, that's a fun one

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    • loevens Level 7 Denmark Jun 17, 2016

      this is super cute.

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    • kyyla70 Level 8 Netherlands Feb 28, 2016

      looks so cool! sometime will purchase this! :)

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    • Vanilipas Level 11 Lithuania Feb 09, 2016

      Such a great new face!:) I love green!

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    • sanny66 Level 7 United States Aug 29, 2015

      I am gonna have to get this one

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    • jhusch Level 5 United States Jul 27, 2015

      magic wand for luck

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    • matovic Level 3 Serbia Jul 09, 2015

      magic. very nice...

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    • Artiii1 Level 8 Australia May 17, 2015

      LOOK OUT Jackpot, here I come :)

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