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Lil Smile

Lil Smile
Min level:
Description :)

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    • rodnun Level 13 Jul 31, 2017

      i'm going to buy this, but guess not going to use it much!

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    • Georgette76 Level 7 Jul 29, 2017

      I think there needs to be a few more female types of smiles & such added. Not a very god variety to choose from thus far. Just a suggestion.

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    • Daddy909 Level 3 Feb 22, 2017

      I agree with lambo about looking more like a lil grin. 

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    • aca293 Level 21 May 31, 2016

      Already have this "mouth" but do not remember when bought it!

      A smooth :)

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    • Silentwolf001 Level 8 Oct 10, 2015

      I need many of this to come my way :-)

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    • jocko Level 5 Oct 04, 2015

      lil smile until i hit the jackpot

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    • aster.nenad Level 3 Sep 20, 2015

      Smile is all we need. Don't worry, be happy! :) :D

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