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€15 Real Money

€15 Real Money
Min level:

At we love to reward the most engaged users! Turn your Coins into real cash! will send you money in your selected payment method account!

All you need to have is an existing payment method account and meet the item’s minimum requirements to make a purchase.

Simply click "Buy Now", choose a payment method and fill in the required information and we take care of the rest.

Please be advised that all Skrill requests will have a longer waiting period than usual. Our support team will review (to make sure no abuse was involved) and provide you with its decision within 5-6 business days of submitting your request.

Another item can be requested only 7 days after the previous real money item purchase was approved.

For further inquiries please contact our support at [email protected]

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    • Olympuska22 Level 8 Czech Republic Mar 20, 2021

      Proč je 15€ Real Many pořád vyprodaný? 

      Reply Helpful (5)
    • Salem11 Level 7 Kuwait Mar 20, 2021

      متى يتوفر هذا العرض الذي أرغب في شرائه؟

      Reply Helpful (3)
    • Mosquitorios Level 7 Brazil May 13, 2021

      Show de bola, adorei o chipy, vou comecar a indicar para todos os amigos realmente sao confiáveis. Valeu.

      Reply Helpful (2)
    • Ewelona777 Level 15 Poland Sep 01, 2021

      Jestem bardzo zadowolona z bycia graczem w chipy com.Moja ocena jest na 6+:-) Polecam założenie konta kto Jeszcze nie jest z nami.

      Reply Helpful (1)
    • rhudeboy Level 7 Philippines Jul 09, 2021

      How do tell if your request was approved? 

      Reply Helpful (1)
      • Admin avatar

        Admin Jul 27, 2021

        Hi, rhudeboy,

        If your Real Money Item request is approved you will receive a confirmation email from us.

        Good luck!

        Reply Helpful (1)
    • Johnny51 Level 5 Российская Федерация Jul 04, 2021

      i love chippy! <3 very nice real money

      Reply Helpful (1)
    • yoda Level 7 Bulgaria Jun 10, 2021

      те са най добрите дават възможност на всички играчи

      Reply Helpful (1)
    • Nontje6 Level 6 Netherlands Nov 04, 2021

      what does it take a long time yo approve the reaL MONEY BUY PFF

      Reply Helpful
      • Admin avatar

        Admin Nov 17, 2021

        Hi @Nontje6

        Thank you for your question.

        Please note that every Real Money request made is thoroughly checked by our Quality Assurance Team and then sent over to the Finance Department, so the process might take a little longer as we wish to ensure fairness for every member.

        Furthermore, due to the current global pandemic situation, the payments might take longer than usual.

        Please do not hesitate to contact us via email if you have more questions. We can assure you that we are doing our best to reply to everyone and send the prizes as fast as we can.

        Regards, Support Team

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    • Maorimaoriman Level 6 New Zealand Oct 13, 2021

      Thanks for the opportunity to try and experience online casinos with the real money vouchers alsum...

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    • Vecusik92 Level 7 Czech Republic Sep 26, 2021

      Love that, its best of the best, if i can change virtuaal coins to real money to withdraw. Love it

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