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Crying Eyes

Crying Eyes
Min level:
Description Feeling a bit sad :(

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    • Feefs4 Level 8 May 10, 2018

      i need this for how much im losing here lol

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    • ady281 Level 12 Jan 11, 2018

      like the tears for those bad days i am going to wear it

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    • rodnun Level 14 Jul 31, 2017

      going to use this eyes when lose thousands in the blackjack.

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    • Simona123 Level 1 Jul 20, 2017

      wery sed eys i hawe them when im seed hahha

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    • Georgette76 Level 7 Jul 20, 2017

      This is the perfect item for my Avatar to express how she feels every time she gets done loosing all her coins at the BFCL Playground! Sniff, Sniff! lol

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    • trinh316 Level 7 May 04, 2017

      I'll probably use this one if I lose a big hand on the game casinos here.

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    • chimera02 Level 7 Jan 28, 2017

      i got theese, i use them when im low on bfc coins, good value tho^^

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    • amir22pu Level 7 Jan 16, 2017

      looking nice i also cry when i dont win

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    • klara77xx Level 8 Dec 31, 2016

      sos sad.. for me today it is ok before the New year party..I bye it too.Thanks!

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    • aca293 Level 22 Aug 31, 2016

      Purchase this item now.

      But it is only to play. Crocodile tears!

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    • lambino32 Level 8 Mar 05, 2016

      those look just like my eyes if i loose my bankroll very quickly when playing online 

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    • kumachan1712 Level 8 Feb 27, 2016

      i take this one.

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    • Samara Level 1 Aug 01, 2015

      when I'm not ...winning

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    • dhack Level 3 Jul 30, 2015

      Im so sad!

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    • jhusch Level 5 Jul 20, 2015

      thats me

      cause im sad

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    • sanny66 Level 7 Jun 30, 2015

      win I lose that's pretty much me  :)

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