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Min level:
Description You are blasted with cash!

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    • koki212 Level 6 Latvia Aug 05, 2019

      This is nice skin! I like it! ;)

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    • blmt Level 9 Mar 21, 2019

      I bought it and I blasted with cash! lol

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    • Feefs4 Level 8 May 21, 2018

      wooh look at that one!!Maybe if i buy this it will inspire my bank balance

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    • Simona123 Level 1 Aug 05, 2017

      good avatar whit money

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    • Georgette76 Level 7 Jul 20, 2017

      AKA~ Mr. Money Bags!

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    • silverquick Level 14 Jul 07, 2017

      This is cute. thanks for new ones.

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    • Armando01 Level 14 Jun 23, 2017

      I have this item and at this moment not necessary to change it.

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    • Ineednewsmile Level 8 May 30, 2017

      with this bag, i think i will never run out of money

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    • trinh316 Level 7 May 04, 2017

      thanks for the cool design given on there. Everytime I see this one, I will bank on that.

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    • queenb369 Level 5 Mar 04, 2017

      What is the reason to edit you avatar do you get points or win something 

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    • aymenpronet Level 13 Dec 23, 2016

      Amazing body symbol. I have to try it. thanks admin.

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    • loevens Level 7 Jun 22, 2016

      would be awesome if it came with a real sack of money lol. Once I win big I will put this on my avatar hehe.

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    • barebones Level 11 Dec 31, 2015

      who doesn't like banker who has lots of cash? Maybe this will bring me winnings too? :))

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    • stewex555 Level 10 Oct 15, 2015

      successful and wealthy player

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    • jhusch Level 5 Jul 27, 2015

      give me money

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    • chelle13 Level 1 Jan 07, 2015

      I'm in the money

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    • Admin Nov 22, 2014

      Hi smack3r,

      These are our Body Avatars :)

      You can purchase them using your BFC coins and use them to edit your own Avatar the way you like.


      Regards Sean,

      TBFCL Support Team.

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    • smack3r Level 1 Nov 20, 2014

      can someone tell me what are these colored circles?

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