What Is the Playground & Why Is It Awesome?

What Is The Playground
The purpose of this help page is to offer insights into the Playground section on our website. Here you will learn more about what the Playground entails, where you can find it, how to use it, and what are the benefits this feature brings you.

What Is The Playground?

The Playground is a fun and exciting section on our website, where you can play awesome games using your coins and increase your chances of winning even more! 

Bear in mind that the Playground is a unique feature in the online gambling scene that you will only find here on Chipy.com. Yes, you’ve heard that right! Chipy.com is the only gambling website that provides you with this rare and special feature.

Now, if you’re curious to try out this exciting feature, this is where you will find it on our website. All you have to do is go to the site’s header and you will see it on the right side, just as shown in the picture down below:

Site Header Playground Section

How To Use The Playground

It’s very easy to play casino games in our Playground. All you need to do is follow three simple steps:

Open an account on Chipy.com, by going to the site’s header and clicking on the “Join” button, just as shown in the picture down below:

Join Button Playground
Check out our selection of games available in the Playground section and pick your preferred one, we have games for all tastes!

Playground Game Selection
You are all set. Start having fun and winning all the coins!

What Makes The Playground Awesome?

The reason why the Playground is such an awesome and unique section is that unlike the typical “free demo play” sections that you can find on many gambling websites, our Playground offers an exclusive gaming experience by allowing you to play using your balance’s coins rather than on “demo credits”. 

Playing with your balance will allow you to make purchases in our Shop section, such as buying cool avatars, bonus offers to your favorite casinos, and even real money items. Pretty sweet, right?

Another reason why we strongly recommend you playing games in this section is that on demo play sites, once you exit the game your balance will be erased, which is not going to be the case if you give our Playground a try. 

We guarantee you that the many benefits of our exclusive casino games arena will catch your fancy, as the Playground was specifically designed to offer you an unforgettable casino-like gaming experience that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Want To Learn More?

For more details on how you can enjoy your benefits as a registered member of our community, you should check out our guides on Experience Points & Level, What Are Coins? and Community Members Benefits.

You should also sneak a peek at our Shop section, where you can purchase avatar items, bonus offers for your favorite casinos, and even real money!

Join Us!

If you want unlimited access to all these fun features we have carefully designed for your convenience, all you need to do is join our amazing community by signing up on our website. The registration process is easy and free, just so you can start having fun as soon as possible and enjoy countless benefits!