Multifire Roulette

3.6 (26) Played 26 times

Multifire Roulette Rating & Details

Player Ratings (26 people voted)
3.6 out of 5
1 star 8%
2 star 12%
3 star 24%
4 star 24%
5 star 32%
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Software MicroGaming
Times Played 26
Game type Roulette
Release date Nov 26, 2020
Technology HTML5, Flash
3D animation available
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Multifire Roulette Game Overview

Multifire Roulette is an online version of European roulette that came out in 2020. It’s one of Microgaming’s many table games and it introduces a new feature that can help players earn hefty payouts. In our review, we’ll be giving you a full summary of what this game has to offer, so give it a read and see if this roulette game is suitable for you.

Multifire Roulette

How To Play The Multifire Roulette Game

This game follows the standard rules of European roulette. When the game loads, you’re looking at the betting area. To place a bet, simply click on the casino chip and scroll through the different size options; chips range in value from 0.25 to 1,000.00, so the game’s suitable for both budget players and high rollers.

The betting area consists of the numbers 1-36 arranged in a grid with three rows and twelve columns. Each number is red or black, corresponding with its colour on the roulette wheel. There’s also a green 0 zero space to the left of the main betting options.

To place a bet, choose a bet size then click on a single number if you want to place a single number bet, or click on one of the other sections of the betting area to bet on multiple numbers. To place any one of the neighbours bets, click on the ‘RACETRACK’ button to bring the racetrack-style betting area up.

The game’s full list of betting options is as follows:

  • Straight Up. This covers a single number from 1-36 or 0.

  • Even Money Bets. There are three of these bets: odd/even, red/black and 1-18/19-36.

  • Dozen Bets. Choose the first, second or third block of twelve numbers on the betting area.

  • Column Bets. Each of these bets covers a full row of 12 numbers.

  • Line Bets. A line bet covers two adjacent columns.

  • Square Bets. These are bets that cover any four numbers that form a square on the betting area.

  • Street Bets. Bet on three numbers that are in the same column.

  • Split Bets. This covers any two numbers that are vertically or horizontally adjacent to each other.

The minimum amount you can bet with for each type of bet is 0.25. The maximum bet size, however, varies depending on the bet. For the straight up, for example, you can’t bet more than 125.00, while for an even money bet, the highest bet amount is 1,000.00.

Once you’ve placed your bet(s) placed, click on ‘SPIN’ and you’ll be shown an animation of the roulette wheel spinning. If the winning number is covered by your bet(s), you’ll win and will get paid accordingly.

There are several useful buttons along the control panel. ‘FAVOURITES’ lets you save and place favourite bets, ‘RANDOM 3’ places straight up bets on three random numbers and ‘DOUBLE’ doubles the value of all bets you’ve placed so far. There’s also optional autoplay and turbo modes, as well as a button that lets you undo bets you’ve placed.

According to the game’s help section, its overall RTP is 97.30%, which is very good indeed and should please many players.

Multifire Roulette Paytable

Multifire Roulette Game Features

  • Casino Theme. Like many other animated table games, Multifire Roulette is designed to look like a land-based casino game. The animation showing the spinning roulette wheel is pretty good and depicts the wheel with realistic accuracy. The betting area is set against a plain background that, in keeping with the game’s name, has a faint fiery glow at the bottom and a number of embers rising up.

  • Audio. There isn’t an ongoing soundtrack as such, though you do hear a rather tense piece of music once the wheel’s started spinning, which makes the reveal of the winning number all the more exciting. A female VoiceOver announces each game’s outcome.

  • Multifire. What sets this game apart from other roulette games is the Multifire feature. Every time the roulette wheel is spun, up to five numbers are chosen at random. They become Multifire numbers. If you’ve placed a straight up bet on a Multifire number, you win a payout that’s equivalent to your bet for that number multiplied by 50x to 500x.

  • Payouts. Multifire Roulette mostly follows the standard roulette payouts. Even money bets pay 1:1 as their name suggests, while straight up bets can pay anything from 29:1 to 499:1

Multifire Roulette

Playing The Multifire Roulette Game On Mobile

If you’re keen to play roulette on your phone, why not go for Multifire Roulette? It offers more than the standard roulette experience thanks to its Multifire numbers. You should be able to play this game at quite a few mobile friendly casino sites; some apps may have it available too.

Play The Multifire Roulette Game For Real Money

Multifire Roulette is a classic game of European roulette but with an added special feature that can make the game a lot more lucrative. However, if you place one straight up bet your chances of winning it are 1/37, so you’ve got to have some luck on your side if you’re going to earn a top payout. Thankfully, all the regular roulette bets are available so you don’t have to place risky bets. Play Multifire Roulette at a real money casino site and have a think about what bets you’ll be placing.

Play Multifire Roulette for Real Money

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